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BNIS Daily Report of July 19, 2021




Cement Industry: Bright Outlook in 2H21


What’s New?

Domestic cement sales volume improved by 7.3% YoY to 29.0m tons in 1H21. We expect the growth to continue in 2H21 with FY21 cement sales volume to grow by 4-5% YoY. Stay OVERWEIGHT in cement sector with SMGR as top pick.


Key Highlights:

  • Higher sales volume growth in 1H21 compared to 5M21 (5.9% YoY) stimulated by strong robust in June 2021.
  • Expect cement sales volume to resume its growth in 2H21 as construction activities are not restricted during PPKM period.
  • INTP reported market share of 25.6% in 1H21 (1H20: 26.2%).


Analyst: Maxi Liesyaputra (